Duplex Pressure Relief Valve

It is common for statutory compliance of Pressure Vessels to be overlooked due to asset availability and accessibility issues. System owners have a legal obligation to ensure all assets are made available for inspection at the required timely intervals. QED’s Duplex Pressure Relief Valve assembly allows annual working inspections, safely with the asset remaining in service without disruption to supply.

Benefits Of the Duplex Pressure Relief Valve Assembly:

  • Ensuring ‘business as usual’, with no supply interruptions during annual statutory inspections
  • Designed in conjunction with Lloyds British Testing
  • Individually tested and serial numbered providing reliable audit trail
  • Ensures statutory and legal compliance
  • Bespoke installation ensuring appropriate pipe pressure/sizing
  • Less intrusive and disruptive for operational teams
  • Reduced frequency of interruption to process and customer
  • When installed at low level, removes completely the need to work at height
  • Developed in collaboration with cross functional teams and third party suppliers
  • Reduces carbon emissions, improving your environmental record and image
  • Installation arranged to coincide with next statutory inspection

Reduce Your Costs Conforming To Statutory Compliance:

QED’s Duplex Pressure Relief Valve assembly links simplicity with effectiveness as well as providing a reliable audit trail for third party inspectors. Considerable cost savings are possible by allowing the annual inspection to take place while the vessel remains in service. Savings come from reducing the need for outage arrangements, manpower requirement, alternative supply arrangements etc. When piped to low level, savings come from the complete removal of access arrangements and health and safety issues! A number of major water companies are currently part way through installing this innovative product on all their relevant Pressure Vessels.

Duplex Pressure Relief Valve Is Suitable For Use On:

  • Accumulators
  • Air compressors
  • Filter Vessels
  • Sewage Vessels (high level Installation only)
  • Surge Vessels
  • DAF Vessels

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