Intelligent Surge Control

QED’s patented QUBE3 controller is a unique product offering reliable, environmentally beneficial control of surge pressures, easily coping with variable flow rates and multi-pump systems. The QUBE3 system has been specially developed by Quantum Engineering Developments for surge vessel and hydro-pneumatic accumulator controls and is used by all major water companies throughout the UK.

What Are The Benefits Of The QUBE3?

  • Automatically maintains the critical initial air volume (IAV) in the Surge Vessel
  • Enables the running of multiple pumps with varying speeds and pressures without the need to add or dump compressed air
  • Provides real-time information on Surge Vessel operation
  • System is safe from ‘bugs’ because it is pre-programmed
  • Suitable for new and existing water and wastewater applications
  • Touch screen technology for operator convenience
  • Easily upgraded as new technology is developed
  • Significantly improves your organisation’s environmental record and image

Why Is QED’s QUBE3 Integrated Surge Vessel Supervisor Superior To Traditional Systems?

The QED QUBE3 is a microprocessor-based device that has a unique method of controlling the air cushion within a surge vessel. Traditionally surge control systems operated on a “constant level” method, adding or dumping compressed air to restore the water level to a fixed point as pump flows fluctuate. This method is out dated, wasteful and sometimes impossible if power has failed.

The QUBE3 calculates the air mass within the Surge Vessel by continually measuring the water level and comparing it against the applied pressure. Having knowledge of the geometry of the vessel, the “QUBE3” compares water level to air volume as pump flows vary before comparing them to an internal set point. As the vessel is unable to gain air, it is usual for the air volume to slowly deplete via natural absorption of gas into solution, requiring the compressor to run from time to time to replenish the air mass. Crucially there is no need to dump compressed air in most cases, making the system more environmentally friendly. System status is relayed to the touch screen display to provide the operator with real-time information.

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