Do "Bladder" type of surge vessels offer reliable, cost effective method of protecting pumping mains from the risks of surge?


Over the past few years we have been instructed to replace many bladder vessels as clients begin to realize the

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Are surge vessels subject to insurance inspections?


Under PED regulations, all pressure vessels, surge, DAF, saturator, etc are subject to regular inspections by  a UKAS approved third

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Does installing variable speed drives to pumps remove the risk of pipe bursts/damage due to uncontrolled surges?

No. Installing variable speed drives to pump motors reduces hydraulic forces during controlled start/stops, but provide zero protection during uncontrolled

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Does installing a surge anticipator valve remove the risks of pipe bursts/damage due to uncontrolled surges?

No.  Surge anticipator valves relieves high pressures by exhausting volumes of water out of the pipe if the pipe pressure

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Negative pressures in pumping mains - A problem?


It is not commonly appreciated that a far higher proportion of surge pressures identified by hydraulic modelers as requiring addressing,

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