Surge Control Refurbishment

Ensuring existing surge control systems are correctly controlled and appropriate to the pumping main reduces risk of water leakage, negative pressures and non-compliance. QED has built an unparalleled reputation for identifying the most cost effective and appropriate solutions to ensure existing assets are appropriate and compliant.

Allow QED To Advise You On:

  • Appropriateness of your existing surge system hydraulic status
  • Replace or refurbish?
  • Compliance & legislative requirements
  • Pressure Equipment Directive and Pressure Systems Safety Regulations

Refurbishment Is It Cost Effective?

There is a vast number of ageing surge systems in service on water company sites all across the country in need of review to ensure their current appropriateness. Continuous residential and industrial developments result in ever changing supply requirements, leading to hydraulic consequences on pumping mains. When the industry talks about water leakage reduction, surge control systems, which play a huge part in bursts/leaks risk control, tend to get omitted from the system design risk assessment. Until this scenario is reversed with system owners acknowledging the vital role appropriate surge control plays in leakage reduction, repeated water loss via burst pipes and loose pipe joints will continue to exist.

Replacing like-for-like is often totally inappropriate, resulting in unnecessary or incorrect equipment being installed. Too often we see out dated equipment replaced by an equivalently sized current model rather than selecting a more appropriate model from today’s more comprehensive range of available equipment. To do this a comprehensive understanding of how surge control systems operate is required.

QED have an unrivalled understanding of the operation and importance of surge control, allowing our engineers to specify exactly the most cost effective solution necessary to return your systems to providing full and appropriate pipeline protection. In line with the industry’s requirement to consider total operational and capital investment (TOTEX) implications, we aim to provide the necessary information to allow clients to make an informed decision when comparing replacement versus refurbishment.

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